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Born from everyday experience

Il Monouso sas was born in October 2014, with the aim of carrying out activities concerning the production of commercial single-blade and single-blade professional razors, aimed at the barbers in order to guarantee the health of end consumers.

The company started production of disposable professional razors in January 2017, and boasts in its management professionals with twenty years of experience in the supply of beauty products.

The new disposable professional razor was designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with the aim of promoting and spreading the culture of single use in the sector, for the protection of barbers and its customers.

The idea was born after a direct experience of a founder of ilMonouso s.a.s: “As happens almost daily, I was in the salon of my barber of trust – says Trifiletti – and I awaited my turn. He could not help noticing that the client before me had several excoriations in his face, due to a rather pronounced acne. I remember horrified to see the bloody blade and began to think about health risks. When it came to me, the barber quickly rinsed the razor under the water and simply replaced the razor blade. He did not think in the least about his safety or my health. Obviously I refused to sit down and explained the risks that could be incurred in using a razor not perfectly sterilized. The idea came out of the disposable professional razor”

This is the biggest challenge of the disposable razor. Make industry professionals understand the importance of single use without sacrificing professionalism to ensure perfect shaves. A new ergonomic, sterilized and professional razor.

Why safeguarding health? Usually the barbers only perform the blade replacement in the professional razor. Less likely to sanitize the entire razor in the special sanitizing container provided. Medical studies have shown that both techniques do not guarantee the sterilization and sanitation of the razor, thus eliminating the possibility of transmitting even serious illnesses or viruses.

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